2022 – Ornella Giordana e Marco Battain – ITA

“To Ornella Giordana and Marco Battain, CAI promoters, generous interpreters and witnesses of an original alpine solidarity, mountain therapy, in favor of the less fortunate.”

This is the motivation, engraved on the Silver Plaque Award, with which this year’s International Alpine Solidarity Award will be awarded in Pinzolo. When we talk about solidarity in the mountains, by convention, we immediately think of helicopters and stretchers. On reflection, however, not only those who find themselves crossed into the wall need help, but also those who are disabled or lost along the impervious paths of life and in the mountains, thanks to the extraordinary therapeutic resources offered by their environment and help of the men who frequent it, she has been able to overcome difficulties of all kinds and the suffering related to them.

As per the expressed desire of President Angiolino Binelli, who recently passed away, leaving a great void in the friends of the International Alpine Solidarity Award – Silver Plaque, in the people of the mountains and in the world of volunteering, the Committee continues along the path traced by its creator and has set for Saturday 17 September 2022 the ceremony for the delivery of the prestigious award received at the 51st edition. Unfortunately, shortly after the death of the President, Luciano Imperadori, a member of the Committee, also left us, a person who gave us so much in terms of advice and thought and contributed with his great professionalism to the success of our institution.

This year the choice of the winner, shared by the whole Committee, with the president Cav. Binelli and Dr. Luciano Imperadori still among us, fell for the first time on a Turin couple united in life and from a common project of solidarity in the mountains, the practice of mountain therapy for the benefit of less fortunate categories, and the organization of specific sectors in the world of volunteering, in particular in the sections of the Italian Alpine Club, from whose Central Council we received the report.

The indication was welcomed with particular satisfaction by the Committee because it was in Pinzolo in 1999, on the occasion of the awarding of the Prize to Raphael Kostner, with the patronage of the Municipality of Pinzolo and the Tourist Board, organized the conference “Mountain and solidarity: experiences in comparison ”, where the term“ montagnaterapia ”appeared for the first time. The seed sown on that occasion found fertile ground and produced good fruits if well over 100 sections and numerous operating groups were established and activated in this sector.

The ceremony this year will begin with the greeting to Angiolino and Luciano at the cemetery of the church of San Vigilio, followed by the usual meeting with an aperitif in Piazza San Giacomo, the delivery ceremony and lunch in honor of the winners.

On Friday the usual meeting of the winners with the pupils of the schools of the Istituto Comprensivo Val Rendena. In the evening, presentation of the new film that tells the story of the Prize’s 50th anniversary.