Awards and special moments

As a tribute to the principles he promoted, the Prize has had significant national and international recognition. Over the years the International Alpine Solidarity Prize has crossed many borders in terms of fame, while maintaining a deep charge of authenticity and simplicity, its essential feature. Rejecting the logics and commonplaces of shimmering flaps, this award is given every year during a genuine and spontaneous meeting in Pinzolo among mountain people from all over the world. For several years the initiative has boasted, for its purposes of humanitarian and moral value, the letters of the Holy Father, the President of the Republic, the President of the Council of Ministers and numerous Italian and foreign authorities. Various events and initiatives have also been linked to the Pinzolo International Alpine Solidarity Award with the aim of deepening and communicating the theme of solidarity and mountain safety in the widest and most accurate way possible. Here are some of the most significant testimonies that over the years have brought the Silver Plate to be one of the most expressive alpine solidarity awards on the international scene and some initiatives that over the years have accompanied this event enriching it with new meanings.

Premio Marcello Meroni 2018
Premio Marcello Meroni 2018


The Marcello Meroni Prize – Solidarity Section is awarded to Angiolino Binelli with the motivation: “For 47 years Angiolino Binelli has been keeping the Silver Plate alive in Pinzolo (Trento), the international Alpine Solidarity Award, a heritage of mountaineering culture not only in Trentino, probably the most prestigious recognition in the world reserved for those who have staked their lives to bring help to the mountains “.


Recognition to Angiolino Binelli by the national president of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps Baldracco: “To the honorary member of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps Angiolino Binelli, rescuer since the birth of the Association, for twenty-seven years active member and long manager of the Station of Pinzolo (TN). In addition to providing assistance to hundreds of injured people, he has worked in various initiatives aimed at making known the association’s activity and improving its structures. Creator and founder and tireless driver for forty years of the Silver Plate Award – Alpine Solidarity which recognized, beyond the Nations and the flags and above the ideologies, the most heroic relief acts on all the mountains, receiving certificates of esteem and sympathy from every corner of the world “.

Socio onorario CNSAS 2011
Socio onorario CNSAS 2011
Twinning with Vail Station


Twinning between the Alpine Rescue Adamello / Brenta area and the Alpine Rescue Station – Vail Mountain Rescue – of Vail, Colorado, USA.


Blessing of His Holiness Benedict XVI in the Vatican City. Città Studi “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” Award in Milan.

Benedetto XVI
Benedizione papa Benedetto XVI 2006
Vail 2005
Simposio mondiale Vail 2005


In June, the “MRA International Workshop and Conference” was held in Vail, Colorado USA, in which a delegation of the Silver Plate Committee participated as the official partner of the event, as Chief Executive Officier Tim Cochrane had anticipated in 2003 on the occasion of his visit to Pinzolo. Over the course of a week, interesting meetings, debates, technical maneuvers and convivial moments were organized in which 43 delegations from all over the world participated. On the closing evening a video message was sent with the greeting of the cav. Angiolino Binelli who received a warm and long applause and the standing ovation of all the participants. The organizers of the International presented the representatives of the International Alpine Solidarity Award Fabrizia Caola, Valter Vidi and Carmelo Binelli with a wonderful copper bas-relief to bring to their president, as a symbol of deep gratitude.


Meeting with the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Quirinale, Rome for the delivery of an award for the 50th year of foundation of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps. Mention to Don Rinaldo Binelli: for a life dedicated to the mountains.

Incontro con il presidente Ciampi
Incontro con Carlo Azeglio Ciampi 2004
Tim Cochrane presentazione 1
Tim Cochrane


Tim Cochrane, head of the mountain rescue team in Vail, Colorado, invited, on behalf of the Committee of which he is Chief Executive Officier, Angiolino Binelli to the First International Symposium on Mountain Rescue Technologies to be held in Vail in 2005.


2002, proclaimed International Year of the Mountains by the UN, saw the celebration of 50 years of celebration of the Alpine Rescue Corps of Trentino, created on 22 May 1972 in Pinzolo by Scipio Stenico. To celebrate this important milestone, a series of initiatives followed, among which the stable exhibition of historical documentation “A mountain of solidarity – 50 years of the Trentino Alpine Rescue”, which was naturally included among the related initiatives, was particularly successful. at the Silver Plate. The Targa receives an important recognition, the 2775 year medal since the foundation of Rome sent by the mayor of the capital Walter Veltroni to Angiolino Binelli. To close the events for the fiftieth anniversary of the Trentino Alpine Rescue, after the delivery of the International Alpine Solidarity Award, a conference-debate was held entitled “Beyond solidarity, reflections on the reality of mountain rescue”. This initiative gave the opportunity to analyze the changes that have taken place in Alpine Rescue over these 50 years, during which, while the spirit of volunteering and solidarity remained unchanged, efforts were made to focus more and more on the training and professional updating of operators. Kyrgyzstan hosted at the end of 2002, in Bishkek, the closure of the Global Mountain Summit, promoted by the UN on the initiative of this central Asian state, two thirds of Italy, located between the central and southern republics of the former Soviet Union on the border with China. The International Alpine Solidarity Award was also invited to the closing ceremony, represented for the occasion by Fabrizia Caola, secretary of the award, which she took. cuni Participates in the event together with the parliamentarians Caveri and Olivieri and some representatives of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The Italian delegation had been invited together with the UN delegates, representatives of some eighty nations, Aga Khan and many other personalities. Upon his return to Italy, Fabrizia Caola presented Angiolino Binelli, who was unable to personally attend the event, with the gift of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Askar Akaev: a 10 Som silver coin medal minted for the occasion in very few specimens.
“Men and Mountains” Prize, Bormio.

Kirghizistan 2002
Kirghizistan 2002
Uomini e montagne
Premio Uomini e Montagne 2002
Giovanni Paolo II
Incontro con papa Giovanni Paolo II 2001


On June 13, 2001 Angiolino Binelli, Fabrizia Caola, head of the APT of Pinzolo, and a small delegation from the organizing committee went to the Vatican to give the Pope a gold and silver plaque on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the event. The Brenta group, the Nardis waterfalls and John Paul II himself were represented on the celebratory artifact.


Senate President Nicola Mancino
Incontro con Oscar Luigi Scalfaro
Incontro con Luigi Scalfaro 1997


On March 6, 1997 the International Alpine Solidarity Award stopped at the Quirinale. The president Oscar Luigi Scalfaro thanked the committee and in particular Angiolino BInelli for the initiative that is configured as a maximum demonstration of altruism by recalling the value of solidarity which, as he himself underlined, “has value not only for mountain rescue but for the whole national and world reality “.


On the occasion of the awarding of the 25th Silver Plaque, given the noble intent from which the award originated and which it still pursues, the Head of State wanted to grant his High Patronage to the International Alpine Solidarity Award.

On. Luciano Violante
Daryl Miller con l'on. Violante 1996


Monsignor Gianni Danzi, secretary general of the Governorate of the Holy See, took part in the celebrations for the delivery of the 23rd edition of the Silver Plate by celebrating a solemn mass in the church of Pinzolo before the award ceremony. The presence of Monsignor Danzi is further demonstration of the attention that the Holy See reserves for this initiative of alpine solidarity.