1980 – Carabinieri Station of Pinzolo – ITA

The Silver Plaque awards this year a group of men working to help who is in difficulty, not only on mountain. They are the men of the Pinzolo’s Carabinieri station, that in every occasion are ready to work with the alpine rescue men, not only during the operations, but also in the way for arriving to grow and improve for giving a even more immediate and effective answer to every helping call.

The marshall Luciano Colombo, Pinzolo Carabinieri station’s responsible, in several occasions has given his availability to cooperate for oneself and with his men to the rescue operations organized from the alpine rescue station. But not only. Together with Angiolino Binelli he has worked for giving to the two stations, the alpine rescue’s one and the Carabinieri’s one, two way radio. In this way it has been possible to put in communication Pinzolo with the refuges Mandrone, Segantini and Carè Alto halving the time of intervention. Before then the necessary time for calling the rescue had a remarkable weight on the operations’ result. The two bases, paid out of Angiolino Binelli’s own pocket, were put at Binelli’s home and at the Carabinieri’s barracks for guaranteeing a presence 24 hours a day.