1984 – Edoardo Zagonel – ITA

Edoardo Zagonel, alpine guide and ski instructor, for 25 years S. Martino alpine rescue’s chief, has dedicated his life with passion, expertise, devotion and sacrifice’s spirit to who needed help. So, for his generosità together with his big love for the mountain, he has merited the recognition of the Alpine solidarity prize.

“Today is always more difficolt to find a place to the humanity and solidarity feelings” Angionlino Binelli has said. “For this reason men like him have to be remembered and awarded”.

Born at Siror in Primiero Valley in 1930 and descendig from a family that since almost hundred years continuously handed down the hard profession of alpine guide, Edoardo Zagonel started very young to look for his satisfactions on the Dolomitic mountains. Becomen one of the legendary San Martino’s Eagles, in 1976 he took part with them to the expedition, became historical, that took them to the conquest, without oxigen bottle, of Dhaulagiri.

He always faced up the mountain with love and prudence and for many years he was the “guardian” of Dolomites leading the San Martino di Castrozza’s alpine rescue.

Before the plaque’s consignment took place the reading of the telegrams sent from Sandro Pertini and Bettino Craxi. The Republic President, telling his congratulations to Zagonel, has wanted congratulate the event’s organizers too.

Photos of the 13th edition